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Why shred ?

It is a perfect way of converting all your woody material into compost or mulch.
  • In your compost heap it provides the texture, allowing air to pass through the heap
  • This means there is no need to turn your heap
  • Shreddings mixed with grass or kitchen waste make the ideal mixture for composting,
    speeding up your compost heap, so that you will have compost in 6 - 9 months

Types of shredders

  • These low cost shredders are best avoided
  • They have a high-speed blade which is supposed to work like a cheesegrater.
  • They are very noisy, slow and easily jam, and the blades do not last
Quiet electric shredders    Hire our shredder
  • Draws material through automatically, cutting and crushing so that material
    composts quicker
  • Good tempered – cutter is slow running and does not spit
  • Capacity to 30-45mm, dependant on model
  • Long life cutter
  • More expensive but can be hired or bought and shared between neighbours
  • Typical models – Bosch AXT25D, AXT25TC. Atco, Al-Ko and Scheppach make similar shredders
  • For a good independant review of shredders see Fred the Shed website
  • Where to buy
Our shredders
  • We have quiet electric shredders available for hire
  • They are also used for Shredding Events, where you can "Come and Shred".
  • If you are interested in having an event in your neighbourhood, get in touch with us.
  • If you find you keep needing a shredder (it is very addictive), why not form a
    shredder co-op with your neighbours – contact us, and we can help with setting it up.