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Compost Works is no longer.


This site is been left up as a resource because ‘How to Compost’ doesn’t change.


The Compost Works Shredder hire service has stopped.


An independent shredder hire service is available in Fetcham for a minimum donation of 10/day. All proceeds go to Tools for Self Reliance ( ) Ring 01372 376642.


7 million bags that could be making leafmould

Did you know that 7 million one-trip builder bags are thrown away every year in the UK. One builder's merchant chain uses nearly 2 million. A horrendous waste of resources.
They are ideal for making leafmould. It is incredibly easy. Put the leaves in a builder bag and forget about them for 18 months, when you will have a fine fibrous compost, ideal for making your own compost mix or for using as a mulch.

How can you help reduce this waste?
We are acting as a local clearinghouse for builder bags.

Think big- we are also looking for places such as sports grounds, golf clubs etc. Next time you go, ask what they do with any bags they get and ask if we can have them.

Why make leafmould?
Leafmould is a perfect replacement for peat, saving valuable peat bogs and reducing climate change.

Climate change
You can reduce your carbon footprint by 100kg for every builder bag of leafmould you make and use instead of peat.
The use of peat is relatively new. Prior to the 1970's, leafmould was the norm. Since then, the use of peat as a convenient alternative has expanded dramatically.
"Three million cubic metres of peat is used every year in the UK for horticultural use and sales of multi-purpose compost, which is equivalent to One million tonnes of CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change. Grow bags account for about 70% of this peat."

Source DEFRA - Act on CO2 Campaign Jan 2010