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Compost leaflet

We now have a simple one page Compost Leaflet (pdf file 2meg) in full colour

  • What to put in
  • A simple No-turning recipe
  • How to get the right mixture
  • Looking after your compost
  • Speed-up tips
  • Harvesting your compost

For more detail, we have a Compost Booklet

  • All the above
  • Plus how to build your own bins
  • Making leaf compost
  • And much more

Speedy Composting booklet (Word doc 810K)

Compost queries


Please note all the information on this website including the above poster and booklet
is made freely available for single non-commercial use and not for multiple reproduction.

If you wish to reproduce anything, please contact Compost Works first and note that
all such use must include a copyright acknowledgement to Compost Works.