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Types of compost bins

  • There is an enormous range of ready-made bins available, to suit all sizes of gardens,
    and depths of pockets, or you can make your own very easily.
  • There are lots of extravagant claims made about how good they are.
  • The most important factor in making good compost is not the bin, but YOU,
    and how you use your bin !

Choosing a bin

  • Go for as large a container as you can accommodate (and afford!)
  • Approx. 1 metre cube (3-4 foot cube) is ideal.
  • Choose a bin with solid sides - avoid bins with lots of "ventilation".
  • Check that there is easy access to the compost
    - Usually, the bottom hatches are impractical, and it is easier to lift
    the whole composter up ( if a plastic 'Dalek'), or remove the front (if wooden).
  • If you find you fill it in under a month, then you will need to get a bigger or second bin.
  • Highly recommended bin - Rotol 300Litre

Conical shape, making it very easy to lift off and inspect or empty.
'Best Buy' in 'Which? 4 times running.
No hatch or ventilation holes, so difficult for rats to find their way in, especially if placed on a wire mesh base.
Available online for around 23- 28 inc delivery. Best price


Bins for Surrey Residents

There is a choice of compost bins, with optional bases,
plus wormeries, bokashi systems, water butts and more   

External link to full details, pictures, and order form



  • Builders bulk bags are ideal and free.
  • Making from pallets is not difficult.
  • Construction details in our Speedy Composting Booklet

Wooden composters

  • Look good and work well, but are expensive.
  • Available in some Garden Centres and by mail order.
  • Make sure there is easy access to the compost


  • If possible, put your composter direct on bare ground to allow for drainage,
    and to let the minibeasts find their way in easily.
  • Try to site it in a convenient place for use, not hidden in a far corner.